You're Never The Only One

You're Never The Only One is a new weekly show hosted by Cat Sims. It's a cross between a coffee with your mate, a fairly average stand up comedy show and the drunken conversation with a stranger in the loo.

35:03 2022-09-25
In this week's episode a reader shares her particular brand of fuckup on the petrol station forecourt and Cat offers some heartfelt (and brutally honest) advice to a reader struggling with the relationship to her own parents. Cat also manages to save the ...
04:36 2022-09-20
Welcome to the real life experiences of me, a 41-year old woman with far more responsibility (and anxiety) than I can handle and 1,445 unread emails in my inbox. Every Monday I'll share my everyday fails, flaws and ,where applicable, my wins too. If you ...