Stronger Together

Stronger Together is the official podcast for the Sligo Health and Local Government Branch. We will use this channel to answer your questions and spread the news from your local branch.

21:16:14 2019-06-27
Today we discuss communications, social media and trade unionism with Niall Shannahan, FÓRSA Trade Union Communications Officer.
21:15:12 2019-06-17
On this episode, we record live from the Art Deco during the play “Ragged Trousers Philantropists”. We speak with some trade unionists attending this event. At the end, we have a pre recorded interview with Pat Fallon who will talk about his experienc...
21:15:05 2019-06-10
On this episode, we are joined by Richy Carrothers, FÓRSA Assistant General Secretary for the Northwest. Richy explains a few aspects of his job representing our members.
21:18:43 2019-05-28
On this first episode we explain what our podcast will be and give some feedback on the Health and Local Government Divisional Conferences.