Future Leeds

An inside look at some of the key decisions, people and places shaping the future of Leeds.

21:13:57 2019-12-09
In this episode, we talk 'It's Proper Art' - a unique project to turn our city into a gallery. We discuss how this came about and how you can get involved with  Steve Clarkson from Found Fiction and Karen Butler from LeedsBID.
21:34:22 2019-10-24
We try something new in this episode as we hijack the Office Working Group to discuss 'Working in Leeds'. We are joined by Mark Goldstone (Chamber of Commerce), Vicki Freestone (LeedsBID), Tom Hodgson (Pudney Shuttleworth), Rob Kilner (Workers Lunchtime),...
21:16:30 2019-10-02
After the LeedsBID next chapter event we catch up with key individuals in Leeds to ask then the same question: What are your biggest challenges?  This episode features James Prince (John Lewis), Jane Brodie (Equifax), Dianne Wainwright (Ambition:Leed...
21:16:58 2019-08-13
Leeds International Festival is opening it's doors to attract new talent and ideas for the 2020 festival. We head down to meet up with Festival Executive Gemma Holsgrove and some of the people pitching their ideas. 
21:27:16 2019-07-07
We sit down with Polly Cuthbert ,events producer to discuss the hidden gems Leeds has to offer. We discuss the cultural side of the city, a trail of Dinosaurs and some secrets of the coolest bars and restaurants in Leeds.
21:39:49 2019-06-28
In this episode we talk mental health with wellness practitioner Claire Shepherd of Seeds. We discuss the evolving pressures of working life and Claire shares her journey from working in Prisons to wellbeing workshops.  
21:19:13 2019-06-02
After the first leg of the Championship Playoff semi-final, Simon McCaskill and Tony Hannan sit down and talk Leeds, Bielsa, that walk in goal and just how important it is for Leeds to have a Premier league team. 
21:21:41 2019-05-05
In conversation with Andrew Cooper and Martin Dickson of LeedsBID and Simon McCaskill of Leeds Boost and we discuss where we believe Leeds is heading and the upcoming Leeds International Festival.